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ALBIT-Colorectal /Anorectal, ERUS - Proctology

ALBIT-Colorectal /Anorectal, ERUS - Proctology

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ALBIT -rekt Albit rekt R+L+c Albit rekt R+L+2B/Color ALBIT - with external keyboard  (option) ALBIT - with remote controller arm-band holder (option) Albit - ultrasound scanner Echo-son

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  ALBIT - device which will amaze you ... 


Albit  was designed as a simple and effective ultrasound scanner for general imaging as well as specific applications, including Regional Anesthesia, Musculoskeletal, Vascular Access, Proctology, Colorectal or TRUS. 
Albit interface based on touch-screen technology  makes it friendly and very easy to use. Duplex Doppler (Color and Power Doppler  Flow Maps) extends ultrasound diagnostics more efficiently and accurately, with maximum performance to price ratio.

Endoanal and endorectal ultrasound scanner for proctology and colorectal surgery with high resolution 360° radial rectal probe for accurate scanning of the rectal wall/anal canal, and the internal/external sphincter muscles. /ERUS - EndoRectal UltraSound/. Excellent tool for proctology practitioners.

Linear probe at working range 5-12 MHz, supported by Color/Power Doppler facility gives wide possibility to visualize and diagnose hypodermic diseases (haemorrhoid, sphincer etc.). 


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  • User friendly touch screen operation and truly intuitive user interface reduces time for learning and operating
  • Smart Color Doppler system
  • Excellent  image  quality achieved by advanced  digital image processing technology (SRT, THV etc)
  • Scanning depth: 1.5.. 31 cm (depends on the probe)
  • Scanning angle: up to 360° (depends on the probe)
  • Presentations: 2D, B+B, ZOOM; 2D+M; 2D+CF (Color Flow); 2D+PF (Power Flow); 2D+CF/2D; 2D+PW, 2D+CF/PW
  • Cineloop memory up to 1024 images
  • Hi-Res 17'' LCD Touch Screen monitor
  • Image filters , processing
  • External keyboard (option)
  • Remote controller arm/leg-band holder (option)
  • Biopsy mode (option)
  • Large memory capacity for archiving images (built-in HDD)
  • Mounting systems: mobile stand, stationary support


  • Distance: 6 independent pairs of cursor
  • Volume, area (ellipse, trace, 3-axis method)
  • Angles measurements

Measurements and calculations for the other applications (PW-Doppler, Urology, Gyn/Ob, Cardio etc.) – see parameters "ALBIT- General - Universal"

Mini controller

Special smart and ergonomic remote-wired-controller truly improves work performance and provides convenient operation. Remote controller makes it possible to operate ultrasound i.e. its basic functions from a certain distance, which is especially useful in emergency and treatment rooms as well as during standard ultrasound exams.

The roll-stand

With the use of roll-stand, an ergonomic mobile solution, it is possible to perform examinations or carry out medical procedures easily. The possibility to adjust the height makes the roll-stand more functional and useful addendum to the system.

Power supply:

  • Power supply: AC 100/240 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Power consumption: max 110 VA 

Dimension and weight:

  • 374mm (W) x 338 mm (H) x 124 mm (D);
  • ca 8,5 kg (without trolley)
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